You Just Never Know

You never know what can happen when you meet someone who “gets it”.

Our oldest son crashed his car on ice and wants a new one. We sold the old one to a local salvage yard. My job today was to get the title and some other stuff to the salvage yard.

When I arrived, I sat with a young lady who was helping process all the information about the crashed car. While we were waiting for someone to take the plates off, we started talking about Cabela’s (which is very close to the office we were in).

I told her that my son, Brandon, has severe autism and absolutely loves Cabela’s. It is his very favorite place to go and has been for years. She shares with me that her brother has autism and is non verbal.

We talked about some of the challenges of autism and shared some funny anecdotes about our boys. She then asked what Brandon will be doing when he graduates in May. I told her that we honestly don’t know anymore. She shared that her brother attends a sheltered workshop and has transportation to/from the workshop daily.

I am truly happy her brother has those resources available to him. She said it has been a blessing for her brother and the entire family. That is what we want for our son. To know he has a future beyond hanging out with me every day. A place where he can be productive and interact with his peers.

Funds for folks with developmental disabilities have been cut. Wait lists (Brandon is on more than one wait list) are the longest they have been in years. A few years ago, we knew what to expect and had planned for that. Now, his future is a bit uncertain and that is hard for all of us.

The employee immediately told me about a local agency that helps advocate for folks with disabilities. This agency helped her with her brother and she was really, really happy with their support.

I walked in the place of business to transfer a title and get the plates back. I walked out with a phone number that may be able to help us. You just never know what is out there if you don’t share and connect.

And now, I have some calls to make. 😊

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