Brandon’s Letter

Dear Papa,

I miss you so much. You let me have as many zebra cakes, cookies, and chips as I wanted. I loved to sniff your hair. Mom says that’s how I give kisses. I can’t make my lips do that thing you all do. Mom and dad told me you died. They said you were really sick and that you aren’t sick anymore. And that I have to look at pictures of you. Mom and dad have pictures of you in the other room.

I hope you know how much I love you. I don’t know why I don’t tell people that. I just don’t. But I do love you.

I still like to play Mario Kart. Dad put it in my room. He said they wanted to watch TV sometimes and that I was taking over the TV too much. I sit on my bed when I play it.

What does where you live look like? We never go to your house anymore. Did you move? Mom and dad said you moved to heaven. Where is that? Is it nice? Is there a Cabela’s there? You and grandma took me to Cabela’s. I go with mom, dad, and Lorie now.

I love the animals at Cabela’s. Did you know that not all animals have black noses? I love the animals.

Lorie takes me to Taco Bell, too. I love Taco Bell. Are there Taco Bell’s in heaven. I hope so, so you can have some, too.

I miss Grandma, Max, and Bubba fat cat, too. Grandma has visited, but she left Bubba at her new house. She is visiting again soon and I can’t wait to see her. She said Max died. Is he with you in heaven? I hope so because Max really liked you.

I love you Papa.

From, Brandon

2 thoughts on “Brandon’s Letter

  1. Katie MacMillan says:

    What a great letter to someone you loved so much Brandon. I am sad to hear about your Papa. I look forward to meeting you and your mom and dad one day. I am your 3rd cousin /— yep confusing to me.

    • stlautismmom says:

      I wrote this from Brandon’s perspective. He has a hard time communicating his feelings. And I know he misses his papa so much. We all do. I can’t wait to meet you, too. It is on our bucket list!

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