What’s Next???

Graduation is coming. For Brandon, and Joshua, our youngest son. There will be parties. Family will visit and we will absolutely celebrate the achievements of our sons.

Then what? What happens next? Joshua will start college in the fall. We have had many discussions about this and what it will look like. What will his major be? How much will it cost? What scholarships are available? What classes will he take? Joshua is so excited and we are excited with and for him.

What happens next for Brandon? He isn’t going to college. He doesn’t have a job lined up. What is he going to do with his days after graduation? That is the burning question we have right now. We want him to be able to be with his peers and have purpose in his life.

I had a friend over last night to watch a couple episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If you aren’t watching this show, you should! So so funny! We got about five minutes into an episode and realized we should just shut if off and talk. She works with adults with developmental disabilities and she refused to let me wallow in any self pity. What she did do was give me some more numbers to call.

I called one of the numbers this morning. I had the pleasure of speaking with a young lady who asked a lot of questions about Brandon. What can he do? That was the focus. What CAN he do, instead of what can’t he do. It was a really good conversation and I thanked her profusely for her patience and understanding.

I didn’t realize this was a pre-screening for possible future services. When she said “the pre-screen is now complete and I will be forwarding this to your local office for follow up”, I felt so happy and grateful. The local office will be contacting me to set up an in home interview and assessment with Brandon. Honestly, I felt like I had passed a test with flying colors!

We are now on our way. We are researching different options and avenues for Brandon. As someone once told me, those options are not going to come to us. We have to find them. I am so glad I didn’t put off making that call this morning!

2 thoughts on “What’s Next???

  1. Katie MacMillan says:

    I am glad you keep talking to people and in doing so opening more and more connections. I believe the right fit, opportunity and next steps for Brandon, and for your family will be revealed through your love that shines through in your never ending diligence to help Brandon find his next venture when school finishes for him this year.

    Hmmm… I just noticed my email address in the blog is incorrect. Hopefully it’s fixed now, sorry about that!

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