Waffle House

How have I managed to live in St. Louis for 27 years and never eaten at a Waffle House? Today was my first time and two of my sons, Brandon and Josh, went with me.

The impending ice, snow, freezing rain stuff meant no one has school today. What should we do? Go to Waffle House. And it was a great experience.

Josh and Brandon

Brandon did not want to take his coat off and Josh clearly did not want to comb his hair this morning. 😊

I let the waitress know immediately that Brandon has autism. She was marvelous. She sat down with us and talked with Brandon directly. She asked him what he wanted and waited for him to answer, with some prompting from me.

I think Brandon likes me.
Food! And lots of it!

I had grits with my breakfast. I love grits, but my boys have never tried them. Josh declined my invite to taste them. Brandon surprised me and said yes. He took two bites, after smelling them for a good 10 seconds. He did not want any more, but HE TRIED THEM! WOO HOO!

He loves butter.

Brandon was pleased with his waffles, but wanted more butter on them. He took the butter pat thingy, grabbed the butter knife, and proceeded to put more butter on his waffle. As you can see, he likes a bit of waffle with his butter.

Everyone in the restaurant, which is quite small, were absolutely lovely. It has been a good snow day here in St. Louis.

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