I Love Shane

Shane is in my house. Man, I have missed him. His voice is the same. He is in my kitchen talking to mom, dad, and Suzanne.

I need to smell him. I must smell him. I don’t care if he is busy, I MUST smell him. I bury my head in his hair, close my eyes, and breathe deeply. He is still talking, but I don’t hear it. I just want to smell him. I take another deep breath and the aroma takes over. He smells like the trees in the park. Like the real Christmas tree we had one time. It’s an earthy smell. He smells like Shane. When I open my eyes, Shane is looking right at me and smiling. He has a nice smile. I lay my head on his shoulder and feel calm.

Everyone is watching football. The Cheeps are playing. They are my favorite team. They have red and yellow uniforms. I like the bright colors, because I can see them really well on the TV. That’s one of the reasons I like Mario Kart so much. The bright colors. The Titans have blue uniforms. The Titans are boring. Go go go Cheeps!

I really want to sit by Shane. But dad is sitting with him on the little couch. Ugh. Why don’t they understand that I want to sit by him? How can I make this work? I am going to make it happen. I walk to the little couch and squish myself between them. Woo Hoo! I am sitting by Shane. And dad got up and moved to a chair. It’s a win for me!

Why in the world is Shane now touching my iPod? He says he just wants to see what song I am listening to. NO! He can’t have it. No no no. He finally gives it back. Or I may have taken it from him. Who cares, I have it back. My iPod is mine and I don’t want to share it. Seriously, he should get his own iPod.

I put my hand against Shane’s beard. The stubbly feel of his beard feels good on the back of my hand, like when mom runs her fingernails on my back. And now he is touching my hand, but not hard enough. I want him to squeeze my hand. I press my hand into his cheek, but he still doesn’t get it. Mom tells him to squeeze and he does. The pressure of my fingers being squished together feels so good. I feel calmer. Everyone should have their hand squeezed.

There is a lot going on in the house. Everyone is talking and it is overwhelming in my head. And my body.

Maybe I can get him to squeeze my feet, too. I put my feet in Shane’s lap and now he is looking at me. Squeeze, man, squeeze. Maybe if I bounce my foot in his lap, he will get it. He got it! And now I have feet squeezes, too. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

The Cheeps are winning. Everyone is so loud about it. Why are they yelling? Are they mad? Nope, everyone is smiling and happy. I turn my iPod up to drown all of them out. With my headphones on, I can listen to the music as loud as I want. I only want to hear the song and for Shane to keep giving me squeezes.

Deck the Halls is one of the best songs ever. I love this song. I listen to it over and over and over. It makes me happy, especially the fa la la la la part. And if I play it loud enough, the outside noises go away. I just want to escape into the music. And I can still see the Cheeps on the TV.

I am so glad Shane came over. I love him.

And the Cheeps won!

Signed: Brandon’s Voice (aka Mom)

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