His Favorite Food

Every Saturday and/or Sunday, Brandon wants “potatoes cheese”. We know what this means. The potatoes are baked. Sometimes, they go in the microwave, depending upon how hungry he is.

When the potatoes are done, the middles of the taters are scooped out and mixed together. But not like mashed potatoes. No milk can be added to these potatoes. Brandon will let us know “no milk”. However, he will say “butter” over and over until he is happy with the amount of butter. From experience, we know he prefers real butter. None of that fake butter in the tub for these potatoes.

The mashed potatoes (with no milk) and butter go back into the potato skins. When this happens, Brandon starts to get excited. Happy jumping happens. Rubbing of the hands together happens. He knows what is coming next. The excitement is almost palpable.

Cheese. Yellow cheese. Not white cheese or yellow and white cheese together. Just yellow cheese. Shredded yellow cheese. Not the brick style yellow cheese. Shredded yellow cheese in the bag.

The yellow cheese is sprinkled on the top of the potatoes. A lot of yellow cheese is sprinkled.

Now they are ready and Brandon is happy. He will sit at the table and dig in. His iPod is always beside him and headphones are on. He eats. He is happy. And we are happy he is eating.

Our oldest son, Alex, works at a high end grocery store and will occasionally bring yummy stuff home. This past weekend, he brought home potatoes smothered in a cheese sauce. He said he knows how much Brandon likes his potatoes and cheese. Awww…so sweet of him to think of his brother.

I took a bite and they are delicious. Brandon was standing over me sniffing my hair so I asked him if he wanted a bite. “No, thank you.” I was stunned. Seriously, he loves potatoes, he loves cheese. I asked him to at least smell the different potatoes. He did and promptly said “no thank you”. Big eye roll from me. I guess they didn’t smell right. But, at least he smelled them. Maybe next time he will take a bite.

Lesson for the day….he likes what he likes. Don’t we all?

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