Finding the Positives

Yesterday was one of those days that just sucked the life out of me. Why is getting help for our son so hard?

Why don’t the people with the answers call back. They are the one who ultimately get to decide what supports my son gets after graduation in May. They control the purse strings. Why will they not respond to our emails?

As the day went on, I could feel the frustration rising up in me. And the tension. And the anxiety.

Then my phone rang. He was calling to schedule an interview/assessment with Brandon, Steve, and I. There may be funds available to help with day program options and more in home supports. He can help us!

I talked with the transition facilitator with Brandon’s school. She expressed to me that other parents are experiencing the same things we are – no calls back, emails not responded to. We are not alone!

I called Lorie’s supervisor and she called back within an hour. I tell her how much we love Lorie as a part of our autism village. I ask her questions. I make some requests. She answers my questions and will get back to me about our requests. And I believe her. She will get back to me. She heard me!

My frustration with the government employees, the ones who get to decide what supports my son gets in the future, is still there.

But there are others who fulfill a very important role in our lives. These folks reminded me that they can help us, that we are not alone, and that I am heard. I am so thankful for those calls.

Then, I went out with a friend for a much needed pedicure. Because pretty toes make everything better!

2 thoughts on “Finding the Positives

  1. Katie Engelhardt-MacMillan says:

    It’s good to know you are talking to some good non-government supports and finding connections — yes incremental baby steps but never stop pursuing and pushing. It made me happy to hear you were going for a pedicure that tells me you are taking bits of time to nurture self, SO IMPORTANT. I know you are a strong family 💜

    • stlautismmom says:

      Thank you, Katie! We have a good village around us. And you are part of our bigger village. There are days I feel like giving up, but then I look at Brandon and it all falls back into place. And I love a good pedicure!

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