Good News! A Follow Up

I am currently feeling all the good feels!!!! The young man I spoke with yesterday visited with Steve, Brandon and I this afternoon. I, of course, had my list of questions ready and was ready to convince him why Brandon needs these supports.

He arrived to our home right as Brandon’s bus was pulling up. Brandon got off the bus, ran across the front yard, lightly pushed the guy out of the way, and bounded into the house. He put his backpack down, took his coat off, and said “Lorie coming bowling.” Only after I responded that yes, she is coming today, did he allow me to introduce him to the young man.

We sat at our kitchen table and the young man had forms for us to sign and began telling us what is available and guiding us to agencies with good reputations. I finally stopped him and asked if Brandon is being approved. His response? “I am 99% certain he will be approved.”

I promptly burst into tears (I am an ugly crier…I did apologize) while Steve explained that we needed some good news. After I collected myself, we finished up and the young man left.

I called a day program that is close to our home. It provides transportation and supports several young adults with autism. There is a computer room and a kitchen area. They go into the community on a regular basis. And they have openings!

I checked in with Brandon’s school and we will be meeting to discuss his upcoming transition.

We are on cloud nine right now!

And Brandon is out bowling with Lorie.

What a wonderful day all around!

2 thoughts on “Good News! A Follow Up

  1. Ruth Buescher says:

    I am having happy tears streaming down my face for Brandon You and Steve. Sometimes blessings do come down in the form of the right people at the right time. The awesome picture of the three of you keeps my tears coming down.. I would love a copy of that happy picture. You know how much I believe God hears our prayers and I have learned over so many years.that God answers them in His time and in His way. I am thanking God for the answers that are finally beginning to be made known for Brandon’s future. What a good ending to a dreary winter day. I love you all..

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