It’s the Weekend!

The weekend is finally here! We all love a good weekend. Everyone sleeps in a bit. Everyone is a bit more relaxed. Lazy weekends are fun. This weekend is shaping up to be fun, but not at all lazy. We definitely have to prepare Brandon for the busier times.

We know Brandon likes weekends. No school! Home time is not as scheduled as school time. But this weekend will have a bit more structure. Brandon craves routine. He enjoys sameness. And when we switch it up, he needs advanced notice to help him process what’s coming.

Friday – Brandon and I went to Target. I promised him cheese hotdogs and cheese hot dogs he shall get. We don’t go to Target often, but trust me, he knows exactly where the cheese hot dogs are. And the frozen waffles.

He found them!
And some zebra cakes

Tonight, he and I will talk about what we are doing tomorrow. Steve, Brandon, and I are going to my hometown to visit with family. This trip requires some planning and preparation. We have to have the iPod charger (the longer cord that will stretch to the back seat) and an extra set of headphones, just in case. Medicine has to be packed and some snacks for the 2 1/2 hour drive.

I will also let him know that we will be getting pink cookies from my hometown pastry shop. This makes both he and I very happy. Of course, I run the risk of hearing “pink cookie” on auto play, but that is okay. We get to have some pink cookies!

Local business plug: Davis Pastry in my hometown of Anna, IL is home of the world famous pink cookie. If you ever find yourself in Southern Illinois, you must stop in!

When we get home, we will talk with Brandon about what will be happening on Sunday. Super Bowl!!!

We have cooking to do, cleaning that must be done, and maybe some rearrangement of some furniture for optimum viewing.

As much as we prepare Brandon for changes, he still struggles with all the noise and smells and people. Before all the Super Bowl fun, Steve and Brandon will go to Cabela’s. His favorite store in the whole wide world. His happy place. His calm place. Cabelas is just for him.

Go Cheeps!

Brandon likes football and he loves the Kansas City Cheeps. That’s his word for Chiefs for those who are just beginning to get to know Brandon. He knows when football is on there will be yelling and cheering. There will be lots of talking and laughing (provided the commercials are good).

We will let him know who is coming. He will smell all the food we make. He will tell me “no thank you beef” at least a hundred times regarding the Italian beef I am making. This is one of the reasons we bought the cheese hot dogs. He will love the pink cookies and chips that will be on the table. And he will smell everyone multiple times.

Thankfully, the weather app on my phone says the temperature will be 65 on Sunday in St. Louis. It will be warm enough for Brandon to take needed breaks outside. He can jump and swing to his heart’s content.

Sunday night will arrive and we will talk about school and getting back into the routine.

Hopefully, he will be go to school and let them know he had pink cookies. And saying “Cheeps won. Woo Hoo!”

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