Home Town Visit

What a wonderful day we had today. Steve, Brandon, and I went to my home town. We visited with my brother and his wife. My brother and I visited with our parents. We got the promised pink cookies.

The last time we visited my brother was right after Christmas. His three children and their spouses were there with all their kiddos. It was loud, it was hectic, and it was wonderful. I loved seeing my nieces and nephews and all the little ones (and the ones who are young adults now). I love my family!

Brandon loves all these people, too, but that day was a lot for him. He found a spare bedroom and loved the quietness of it.

Today, it was just my brother and sister in law. Brandon knows where the computer is and watched Toy Story. He knows where they keep the red soda (Coke) and helped himself. He remembered to shut the door when he went to the bathroom. He sat with my sister in law and listened to his iPod. He sniffed both of them more than once.

Mary Jane and Brandon…of course he sniffed her. 😊

He ate his hot dogs and fries from the Dixie BBQ. He had a pink cookie and a brownie from Davis Pastry. And when we stopped in Davis’, I saw a friend I have known my whole life. I think Brandon liked her.

Now to get ready for tomorrow’s Super Bowl….go Cheeps!!!

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