Our ER Visit

Best laid plans sometimes fall through. We had a plan for yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday. Brandon was going to Cabelas with Steve. We were going to cook and clean and watch the game with friends. Most of that happened.

There was no Cabelas yesterday for Brandon. In the morning, Brandon was excited and anxious. He was running through the house, jumping, and perseverating about when Lorie is coming.

I was in the kitchen, Brandon was in the family room. I heard him running and then I heard the thud. I heard Brandon yell out.

He was on the floor and there was blood. I cleaned off the blood and immediately yelled for Steve. We both knew we were headed to the ER for some stitches.

We all managed to get shoes on and into the truck. I sat in the back with Brandon to keep the pile of paper towels I had grabbed on his eye. And to keep him from picking at the inch long gash in his eyebrow. We talked about what was going to happen when we got to the ER.

Waiting rooms are always difficult and yesterday was no different. Brandon was loud. He was scared and really anxious. We gave squeezes and waited.

We were put in a room and within 5 minutes, two nurses were examining Brandon. They listened to Steve and I when we explained his autism. The nurses talked with him about the animals at Cabelas and Mario Kart. Brandon told the nurses he likes the Cheeps and the Cardinals.

Getting an IV started in Brandon has always been difficult. Not yesterday. The nurses distracted him with conversations about things he likes and the IV was in before Brandon knew what was happening.

The Physician Assistant heard Steve and I when we said Brandon can not have Versed (a medication that helps calm someone). Versed does not calm Brandon. It does the opposite. We know this because we have seen it several times. In the past, we have had medical professionals tell us they know better. And we rarely got an apology when it became obvious that we were right.

Not yesterday. She heard us and then gave Brandon something else. It worked like a charm. Six stitches were put in with no problems. They used the dissolvable kind so we don’t have to go back.

When Brandon was coming out of the sedation, the nurses talked with him about the Super Bowl. He gave a quiet “go go go Cheeps” and we knew all was well.

Brandon got to ride in a wheelchair outside while Steve got the truck. Brandon gave high fives to the nurses although they were more like low fives as he was still pretty tired. One of the nurses gave me a hug.

This is how all hospital visits should happen. First thing this morning, I called the hospital and let them know how absolutely pleased we were with our visit. We should always share the good stuff!

When we got home from the hospital, Brandon slept for three hours. He got up, ate four cheese dogs and some ramen noodles. He ate pink cookies and cookie cake. We talked about Lorie coming on Monday.

He hasn’t picked at the water tight bandage they used to cover the stitches. In fact, he hasn’t mentioned his boo boo at all. This is good!

While our weekend plans were disrupted, it all turned out okay. We rolled with it, because that is what we do and Brandon did great.


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  1. Janet Hughes says:

    Oh what a day!! I just read your snippet and thought about your experience with Brandon at the hospital yesterday and how well it went!! I was SO glad to hear this. Wonderful that you called and let them know of your good experience! We watched the entire Super Bowl last evening and were thrilled with the results…..what a game!!!! SO happy that the Cheeps won😃😃

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