ER Follow Up

We are now two days out from the emergency room visit with Brandon. His teacher let me know yesterday that he did well with his bandage. A headache set in at the end of they day and he was telling anyone that would listen “head hurt”. I knew he would not want to miss his outing with Lorie and gave him some Ibuprofen when he got home.

He bounded off the bus as normal and asked about Lorie immediately. He took the ibuprofen without arguing. We have to crush Brandon’s medicine and he let me know that it does not taste good. But he trusts me that it will help his headache.

Waiting for Lorie

Lorie and Brandon’s plan for yesterday was to go to the mall and the cookie store in the mall, because who doesn’t love a good cookie. Brandon wanted to go to Cabelas and we all agreed that he had definitely earned some time at his favorite store.

When they got back, Lorie went home (with a pink cookie because they are the best). Brandon relaxed a bit and we noticed he was starting to pick at the bandage a bit. My personal opinion is that it is starting to itch. We have to keep the bandage on until Wednesday and I am hoping we make it.

Mario Kart always helps.

Brandon played some Mario Kart last night. He really does love that game. It helps him to focus and stay calm. His nighttime routine went well…bath, medicine, reading a Little Critter’s book with Steve.

Bedtime wasn’t as smooth. He was up later than normal with a fair amount of the angry jumping. We talked about bowling with Lorie. We talked about his bandage. We talked about going to school. We talked about Cabelas. And he finally went to sleep around midnight.

I sometimes need reminders that Brandon feels things very differently than I do. The ER trip was traumatic for him. And he just wants life to go back to normal. He doesn’t like this bandage on his eye and doesn’t understand why it is there.

We have to help him through this and that is what we will do. Come on Wednesday! Then the bandage will be gone!

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