Phone Calls, Emails, and Paperwork

Today has been an absolute flurry of activity regarding Brandon’s post graduation plans. There were phone calls. There were emails. And there is much paperwork to be reviewed, signed, and returned.

We received the letter confirming funding from the state run program for day program services. And now we are off and running.

First on the agenda was scheduling a physical, with a TB test. The one with the needle that goes just under the skin and makes a little bump. Needles are not Brandon’s favorite thing (mine either). Knowing I might need some help with this, I asked Josh to go with us. And since everyone wants to start the transition process next week, we had to do this today so the skin test can be read on Friday. Poor guy…stitches on Sunday and another shot today.

Once the physical was scheduled, I called his teacher. She is wonderful and is so excited for Brandon to start the next chapter of his life. She is emailing a copy of his IEP with a bullet point list of Brandon’s strengths for the day program. She is also sending forms home for me to review, sign, and return.

Brandon’s teacher indicated that Brandon may be ready to attend the day program full time before the school year is over. My one concern about that is graduation. Steve and I want him to be able to walk across the stage and get the diploma he has worked so hard for. His teacher assured me he will walk in the graduation program, regardless of where he is going during the day. He deserves that! Yippee!!!

After talking with his teacher, I called my contact person at the day program. She was aware the funds have been approved and is ready to start talking about the transition and what that will look like. One day a week for a few weeks? Two days a week? It is all a bit much to take in and seems to be happening so fast.

We scheduled a time for me to take Brandon to the program for a tour. I know there are participants attending the program who went to school with Brandon last year. I hope seeing some familiar faces makes it a bit easier for Brandon. We are doing a tour tomorrow. And there will be more forms to review and sign.

My final call was to Brandon’s psychiatrist because he likes to be kept in the loop.

Brandon did great with his physical. He read the eye chart from about 30 feet out. He likes the blood pressure cuff so that was really easy. Josh and I were expecting the TB test to be a bit of a struggle, but we were wrong. He sat there like an angel while telling the nurse all about the American Elk at Cabelas. He was weighed (150 pounds) and his height was measured (5’ 9”). Brandon handled it like a champ with the promise of chicken nuggets from McDonalds.

I am suffering a bit of whiplash (metaphorically speaking) from the fast pace. I have dealt with the government program that is suppose to help with services for our son with the promise of more and more waitlists.

I am so thankful for my friend, Suzanne, who gave me the phone number for the state program that is now helping us. She gave me this contact information three weeks ago. I can hardly believe everything came together so quickly and seamlessly. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and someone to tell me it was all a big mistake.

But that is not going to happen! My son now has a plan for what happens after school! Woo Hoo!

4 thoughts on “Phone Calls, Emails, and Paperwork

  1. Janet Hughes says:

    I am beyond thrilled. I read every word and then read again. You and Steve and I only want the best for Brandon (Alex and Josh included) and it appears that good things are happening for him!! I will be listening for what happens next.

  2. Katie MacMillan says:

    I feel emotionally overwhelmed with you and I also feel great joy inside. I knew from previous posts that finally the road was opening. I don’t know why it never was before or why some supports that could have potentially helped in past years while Brandon was still in school have not been more readily available. I do believe everything happens as it should and we don’t always get to know those whys.
    I felt confident that there was something that was yet to be revealed and being 2000 miles away I didn’t know how to help you in your search for those answers. I prayed.
    I am hopeful and excited with all of you and know now that this is now the right time. The right time for next steps and a new known path for Brandon has arrived. Two of your sons are starting new paths in 2020. Yes, this is the right time — like meant to be.
    It is the right time for you to find and feel this new support. I know the stress of unknowns for so long can and does wear on people. Hopeful that in having a plan to work within you can find a better balance and all of the family experience some inner peace (not that you guys don’t have this/just that this looming unknown can free up the space in your lives that it was consuming).
    Okay, last comment… personally like the transition idea of one or two days a week at the new school /program while Brandon retains consistency and finishes his school and graduates. Of course you’ll figure out what is best.

    • stlautismmom says:

      Thank you for your support! I am feeling positive about this next step. You are a part of our village and I am thankful for you. We will meet one of these days. 😊

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