Snow Day

Half a snow day here in St. Louis. Icy, snowing, sleety stuff everywhere. I got the call around 10am that school was dismissing early.

I will admit my first thought was how am I going to tell Brandon that he and Lorie are not going bowling this afternoon.

Sometimes, I do not give Brandon enough credit.

He came in from the bus and asked about Lorie. I told him today wasn’t going to work because of the snow. I reminded him we want Lorie to be safe at her home.

He looked at me, said okay, and went to his room. He then slept for three hours.

When he woke up, Steve and I took the bandage off the stitches. Actually, I let Steve take the bandage off because I didn’t want to be the one to pull it off. We were afraid it was going to hurt. There’s a lot of hair in his eyebrows.

He stood as still as a statue while the bandage was being removed. Brandon let me clean it, put Neosporin on it, and another bandage. Not one complaint.

And then we talked about Lorie and bowling. I told Brandon she would be seeing him in a few days. And he hasn’t asked again. That was 30 minutes ago.

I was feeling anxious about the change in his schedule. It’s almost like the roles were reversed today. He kept me calm.

Brandon has handled today like a true champ.

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