Time To Move Forward

Brandon and I went for a tour of the day program today. The transition is going to start next week with two days per week. We will work our way to five days over the next couple of months. Brandon is leading this process and we will go at his pace.

I explained what we were doing as we drove to the tour. I could tell he was a bit anxious. He was rubbing his hands together and kept wanting me to give hand squeezes. He doesn’t always understand why hand squeezes can’t be done when I am driving.

Ready to take the tour.

The employees met us at the door with smiles. Brandon was still nervous. There was a lot of anxious jumping and hand squeezes.

As Brandon and I were walking through the building, I became more and more confident about this working. Brandon saw some people he knows and he met a lot of new people. He smelled things (and people), he touched things, and he did his happy jumping more than once. He was calming down and I am so proud of him.

The van will pick him up around 7:30am and bring him home around 5pm. He and Steve will have the same schedule. There are no summer breaks, spring breaks, winter breaks. For the first time in 17 years, he will have somewhere to go year round.

Wow!! But that does beg the question…what about me? What is next for me? Joshua is headed to college, Alex works full time, and Brandon will be doing his thing. They are moving on to the next chapter of their lives.

It’s time for me to do that, too.

I know I want to get a job. Something that gets me out of my house. Something with more adult interaction. I don’t know yet what that looks like, but I do know that I am ready.

Here’s hoping the next chapter of my life is as wonderful as this chapter.

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  1. Katie Smallen says:

    Best of luck for your future! If what you have accomplished with Brandon is any indication, you will be very successful!

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