All is Well

After a rocky start to the day, Brandon settled down and was able to focus on something other than Cabelas. We are back to talking about it every 30 minutes. Whew!

Brandon loves going out with Steve. Today, they went to Vintage Vinyl (Steve found some Pink Floyd albums). I stayed home and watched a movie with my friend Rick. And we ate some gooey butter cake.

Out with Dad

Steve said Brandon did well at Vintage Vinyl. They then went to a friend’s house. Brandon used their swing and was ready to come home in about 7 minutes, per Steve.

When he and Steve got home, he asked me about Cabelas, had some red kool aid, went to his room and went to sleep.

This morning may have had something to do with him being tired.

Getting him out of the house was helpful. When Brandon starts obsessing, he generally targets me. Being apart helps us both reset. I think my sweet hubby knew that was needed today.

We are now a week out from the ER visit and his eye is healing well. He has had a busy week. Lots of new things and different people. Stitches, TB test, and a snow day.

The eyebrow is doing well. Look at those curls!

He was crabby for about three hours this morning.

There are times when we just need to be able to be crabby. And then we move on.

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