He Wants Cabelas

Some mornings are better than others. This morning has been one of the not better days.

Brandon woke up at 7 and immediately began perseverating about when he is going to Cabelas.

Over and over and over.

Two inches from my face yelling Cabelas.

I had to use the restroom. Brandon followed me in and kept saying Cabelas.

Sometimes I just want to use the restroom by myself.

I tried laying on the couch and pretending I was asleep. Sometimes that works.

Not today. I could feel him standing over me and heard him saying Cabelas.

Over and over and over.

Steve made him potatoes and cheese. He can’t seem to eat them because he is saying Cabelas.

Over and over and over.

I left the house and went to the gas station. It’s $2.00 a gallon! I wasn’t missing that!

Brandon saw me pull in the driveway and met me at the door. Cabelas.

Over and over and over.

How long will this last today?

My friend Rick is coming over and I have beef stew in the crock pot. It smells wonderful!

Cabelas Cabelas Cabelas

Over and over and over.

These are the times my patience is tested.

I remind myself he can’t help the obsession.

Maybe it’s the full moon from last night.

Maybe he’s worried he won’t get to go.

He is finally eating the potatoes and cheese.

And we are back to Cabelas.

I reminded him again that he is going tomorrow.

That did it. He is now in his room making his happy sounds.

Almost three hours later.

Autism isn’t always fun. Or easy. Or understood.

If you have a child with autism and obsessions, how do you manage those stressful times?

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