The First Day

Today was Brandon’s first day at the new day program. First things first, it went well. But my morning was a bit more hectic than necessary and it was completely my fault.

A normal school day routine is pretty simple. Steve gets Brandon up, ready, and out to the bus. I generally take the night shift since Brandon likes to stay up later than Steve.

Steve and I did not talk about the change in this morning’s routine beyond me telling him that I would be taking Brandon to/from day program this week. That was it. What was I thinking?

I woke up at 7. Brandon was already awake and Steve was getting ready for work. I had some coffee. Brandon and I talked about him going bowling tomorrow with Lorie. We talked about his favorite animal at Cabelas.

By the way, his favorite Cabelas animal today is the lion. And Brandon always says “African Lion, no biting, play nice with friends.” And I always smile when he does.

We read the social story his teacher sent home for him about going to a new place. Brandon said “no school today” about 10 times before he finally believed me. No school today.

Social Story

Brandon got ready with very little prompting. There are some school days it feels like he has to be prompted 10-15 times to get it all done, per Steve. I do believe Brandon was excited this morning.

I got his medicine together to give to the nurse at the program, we got in the car, and off we went. About halfway there, I called Steve and asked if he gave Brandon his morning medicine. Nope. Neither had I. So I turned around and back home we went.

I can’t believe I forgot about his morning medicine. He takes medicine to help him get through his day and I forgot. Ugh. I bet I don’t forget that again.

When we headed out from home for the second time, Brandon was touching my face and rubbing his hands together. At a stop light, I looked at him and he was smiling! A real, true smile. He made eye contact with me and smiled.

Brandon was greeted with smiles and hellos at the day program. We met the nurse and Brandon learned she does not like to be sniffed. I made sure the nurse knew that it is okay to tell him no…not everybody wants to be sniffed. And that is okay.

Staff showed him to his locker and he put his coat away. One of the employees asked Brandon if he wanted some breakfast. Apparently he did because that was the last I saw of Brandon. He followed the staff without a backwards glance in my direction. Woo Hoo! He felt comfortable.

I came home, cleaned some, watched some reality TV (my guilty pleasure, don’t judge me), and sorted through yet more paperwork. My phone did not leave my side. I was a bit of a nervous, anxious wreck all day.

But there were no phone calls from the program. Not one. When I picked him up, the staff told me he did really well. He ate salad with ranch dressing at lunch. He has NEVER eaten that in my house.

He also may be trying to find a girlfriend. Staff told me he hung out all day with Sammi. She graduated from Brandon’s school last year. She knew Brandon immediately and took him under her wing.

As we were leaving, everyone was telling him goodbye and Brandon let them know he would be back on Thursday.

My son had a good first day!

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