New Case Manager

It does feel as if the day program is going to work out with Brandon. We will continue transitioning. Now what?

The past month has been a bit crazy for me. All the phone calls, paper signing, etc. that has been done for Brandon to have some post graduation plans is done.

This week, I talked with Brandon’s new case manager through our regional office. Steve and I had been asking for a new one for four months. The previous case manager was cold, full of excuses, and eventually she just didn’t respond to calls and emails.

I found out last week who the new case manager will be and she called me earlier this week. We talked on the phone for 52 minutes. She asked a lot of questions about Brandon. She had clearly read his ISP (individual support plan) before calling as a lot of her questions were very specific.

Do you still hide the scissors? Yes, we do. Brandon occasionally still thinks I can use scissors to cut sores off his body, regardless of how many times I have told him I can not do that.

Does he still like going to camp in the summer? Yes he does! And then we discussed how the funding for payment for this has stopped. She offered some other suggestions.

Does he still have aggressive behaviors? He hasn’t been aggressive for months. We talked about how summer time is always challenging for Brandon when school is out. I don’t think we will have that problem this summer with day program being open year round.

Is Brandon involved in any outside activities beyond school and now day program? No, but I would like for him to be. Maybe a bowling league. He loves going bowling with Lorie. I have looked around a bit for a league for folks with developmental disabilities with no luck.

The case manager and I talked about this last question for awhile. What I am finding is most of the bowling leagues for someone like Brandon are a good 20-30 minute drive from our house. There doesn’t seem to be one close.

I told the case manager I had also looked for a social group for young adults with autism through some local agencies. Those groups seem to be geared more towards those with higher functioning autism, at least from what I read on their websites.

There are a lot of programs for toddlers and children with severe autism. I am having trouble finding some for adults with severe autism. Children with severe autism grow up to be adults with severe autism. And the programs for young adults like my son seem to dry up after the age of 18.

The case manager listened and then did something the previous case manager has never done. She emailed me information about some local programs. She isn’t well versed in any of them, and was open and honest about that. I appreciate her honesty.

I can make phone calls and gather information. That is part of my job as Brandon’s mom. I was just happy to get the numbers!

We then set a date for her to come to my home to meet Brandon. She blocked out two hours on her calendar for this visit. The previous case manager was never interested in being with Brandon for that long.

We have had a good few weeks with a lot of positive, forward looking steps for Brandon. I am beginning to feel like this may continue!

And tomorrow, I will make some more calls.

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  1. Debbie says:

    It sounds like this caseworker will try to be on top of things for your son. I know someone in STL whose son, in his fifties, attends a summer camp every year. If you want me to check out where, I will be happy to do that.

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