Valentines Day

On this Valentines Day, I want to give a HUGE shout out to my wonderful husband, Steve. He is our rock. He goes to work every day to support our family. But he supports us in so many bigger and greater ways.

Has it been hard raising a child with severe autism? Absolutely. Have there been times when it seems there will never be any answers? Yes! Is our life a bit lonely? Yes, yes it is. Have we ever thought of walking away from all of it? Not once.

Steve is the calm to my restlessness. He is the quiet to my loudness. We balance each other. And it works for us.

He finds moments to connect with each of our boys. It is a bit more challenging now that Alex and Josh are older and more independent. But Steve makes time to talk music with Josh. And to talk podcasts and Dungeons and Dragons with Alex.

Steve has those moments with Brandon, too. He reads a book with Brandon every night. They go to Cabelas. They even went to a Cardinals playoff game last fall. Brandon lasted one inning and was ready to go home. Steve was not upset, mad, or angry. He was thrilled to even be in Busch Stadium at a playoff game and was even more pleased that Brandon lasted that long.

St. Louis Blues game in a skybox!

We do our best to find time for just us. We don’t get out as much as other couples we know. The logistics of finding someone to stay with Brandon is what it is. So when we do get out, we appreciate the time together that much more. We treasure it and make the most of it.

Tonight, Valentines Day 2020, will be spent here at home. After Brandon goes to bed, Steve and I have a date to watch the newest episode of Picard.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you, Steve. Thank you for all you do for and with all of us.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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