Thank You Friends

Sometimes the loneliness of our life is overwhelming. It is no one’s fault, but it is our reality. I am so excited about Brandon’s future and that he will have somewhere to go on a full time basis. But it is a bit scary thinking about what is next.

I woke up this morning and Brandon was immediately asking me about Cabelas. Over and over and over. Steve was doing his best to keep Brandon away from me, but Brandon is pretty strong. I finally just went back to my bedroom and went back to sleep.

We do have friends. We have people we do things with outside of our home. In fact, next Sunday we are taking a stained glass class with our friends, Jess and Caleb. I am so excited about it. My dad did a lot of stained glass when I was growing up and he made some beautiful pieces.

But we have to plan for these things. And sometimes the planning doesn’t work. We rely on our village to help us figure these things out. And to be patient with us. And to work with us.

While Brandon was out with Lorie today, I called and talked with my friend, Suzanne, for awhile. I was bemoaning my lack of social life. And she listened to me. She listened to me cry and complain. And then she helped build me back up. I know I can go over to her house whenever I want. She reminded me that I do have outlets.

Yesterday, my friend Rick came over and we watched the first episode of the new Survivor season. That is our thing. And Steve took Brandon to Cabelas so we could watch in peace. I need those things with friends to keep my inner peace.

Brandon just got back from some time out with Lorie. They went to the dinosaur center (the St. Louis Science Center to everyone else). Lorie said Brandon did well and enjoyed his time with her. They are going bowling on Wednesday. Lorie is a part of our village and provides us with some time away from the obsessions Brandon can’t seem to control.

I want to thank our friends who are always there for us. Even when we forget.

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