Almost Done With School

Some days are just better than others. For Brandon, today has been a really good one.

Every night, before he goes to bed, Brandon and I talk about the schedule. It usually goes something like this:

Me: It’s time to sit down, be quiet, listen to your iPod and get ready for bed.

Brandon: Yes.

Me: You will go to bed, have a quiet body, quiet mouth, and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will go to school. When you get home from school, it will be almost time for Lorie to be here (or whatever is planned for the days he doesn’t go out with Lorie).

Last night, when I started the “when you wake up” part, Brandon interrupted and said “no school, no school, no school”. I stopped him and told him he would be going to day program. He smiled at me, said “day penguin”, went to his room and straight to bed. By the way, it will now always be day penguin. (The word program is really hard for Brandon)

What does that tell me? Brandon likes going to the day program!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Brandon’s teacher and I have talked quite a bit in the past couple of months. She has told me she thinks Brandon is ready for the transition, that he is done with school. I wasn’t quite sure until last night. Now, I have no doubts.

This morning, I spoke with the director of the day program. Brandon will go three days next week. The following week, he will start full time which is Monday-Friday 8a-5p. The director shared with me that Brandon has done well. She also said that everyone loves him. Of course they do….he’s our Brandon.

The next phone call was to Brandon’s teacher at school. She is really excited for Brandon to move on to the next chapter of his life. Like us, she is happy Brandon likes the program and that he has made new friends.

Of course, there is paperwork to review, sign, and return. There is always some kind of paperwork to be done. I do not think that will ever end. We talked about his upcoming graduation, of which he will get to be a part. That will be such a special day.

It’s hard to believe he is done with school. It always seemed so far away and now it is almost here. It will be a different schedule and routine for Brandon. And for me. He will have somewhere to go this summer. He and I will not be together every minute of every day this summer. Seriously, what 21 year old wants to hang out with his mom all day?

Now I feel like we are truly moving on to the next chapter. And I am excited for what’s coming.

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