Making the Cheese

Brandon loves cheese. Yellow, shredded cheese. He doesn’t care for yellow brick cheese that has been grated, although that will do in a pinch. We do our best to not run out of the grated yellow cheese in a bag, but sometimes things happen.

A couple of years ago, Brandon discovered he likes yellow cheese melted in a bowl or on a plate. He doesn’t want anything else with it, just the cheese. We are quite aware this isn’t terribly healthy, but there are times when this is all Brandon will eat.

About six months ago, I decided I would teach Brandon how to make his own cheese in a bowl. He now has it down pat and he hasn’t burned any in quite some time. If you have never smelled cheese burning in the microwave, it is a horrible smell. That smell is what prompted me to teach him.

Today, he had to use a plate for the cheese since his favorite blue bowl is dirty.

According to Brandon, one can never have enough cheese.
He sets the timer for two minutes. Every single time. But he has learned to peer in the window of the microwave so he can stop it when the cheese is the right meltiness.
Here is Brandon making sure his iPod is playing Toy Story, which he watches while he eats the pile of cheese.
Everything is ready. He uses the largest serving spoon I have and digs in.

It took a couple of months to get to the point Brandon could do this by himself. He likes making it, he likes eating it, and he is doing it independently. I am so proud of him!

Next…we are working on Brandon making his own waffles.

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