Some Weekend Fun

Brandon has always loved the movie “Toy Story”. When he was younger, he watched it over and over and over. He even figured out how to order 3 digital copies and a couple DVDs that were delivered to our house before we caught on.

Apparently, there is now a Toy Story 4. I had no idea, but we found it and are now watching it. And who doesn’t love Tom Hanks. I love the theme song…You’ve Got a Friend in Me. As I was singing along, Brandon was saying “no thank you, mom” and covering his face. I guess he doesn’t like my singing.

Not wanting me to sing.

Watching intently.

I have talked about Brandon making his own cheese in a bowl. He can also make himself popcorn. I am so thankful for the popcorn button on the microwave. Burnt popcorn smells worse than burnt cheese.

He does love his popcorn. Please pardon the messy stuff in the background. Laundry is never ending in a house with 5 people.

Happy Leap Year Day!

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