A Busy Day

Brandon had a busy afternoon. I picked him up from day program early to get him to the psychiatrist’s office on time. The first thing he said when he saw me was “nice time day program”. It makes my heart happy to know he likes his new program.

Leaving day program

We headed to the psychiatrist’s office for his appointment. We had to reschedule last weeks appointment for today. Every single time we go to the doctor, Brandon runs ahead of me to get to the door first. And he never, ever, ever holds the door open for me. We have worked on this for years with no success. Any advice on this particular social courtesy?

Will not hold the door open for me.

Brandon sits as I check him in and handle all the insurance stuff. Today they had a bowl of chocolate kisses. That made both of us happy since chocolate makes everything that much better. Good appointment and the doctor feels we can wait 10 weeks to see him again. This is such an improvement from just a year ago when we were going every four weeks.

After the doctor, we always have to go to the local convenience store. Brandon calls it the market. He gets the exact same thing every single time, in the exact same order. We are there a lot and the owners and employees know us. They call Brandon by name and are patient and so kind to him.

Four yellow string cheese

He always leaves the chips (which he grabbed on the way in) and cheese on this counter before getting his soda.
Orange soda…always Fanta.
They all love him.

When we got home, Brandon waited for Lorie. Today, they went to the mall. The walk the mall and then head to Brandon’s favorite cookie shop. Before he left, he told me he was going to get a sprinkle cookie. Lorie was a bit shocked since he always gets chocolate chip.

Gotta have a cookie!

Steve and I had plans tonight, so our friends came over to hang out with Brandon after his trip to the mall. When we got home, Brandon was a bit obsessive about Cabelas and when he is going again. We ignored him, he did some angry jumping, knocked the cable loose from the TV (which made it stop working…I had shows recording!), and finally settled down.

The TV is working again, Brandon had his shower and read his book with Steve, and finally went to sleep. Busy day for my buddy.

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