He Tried Something New!

It is a bit chilly here in St. Louis and Steve wanted soup. He decided to try his hand at making potato soup with ham, and celery. I don’t typically like soup (I get that from my dad). However, his soup was excellent.

Brandon loves potatoes. Twice baked potatoes with cheese on them. Steve asked him if he wanted some potato soup, fully expecting him to say “no thank you soup”. Instead, he got an enthusiastic “yes!”

Brandon will not try new foods very often, so we were a bit leery. Here’s how it went:

I am pretty sure he is thinking “what the heck is this???”
He sniffs every food item before it goes in his mouth.
Trying the soup for the first time.
Working on his second bowl.

Brandon loves the soup!! We found something else he will eat! It’s a good day in our house. One more thing, a haircut is in his very near future.

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