Brandon’s Bedtime Routine with Steve

We all have routines. A certain way we load the dishwasher. A certain way we fold towels (Steve is not allowed to fold the towels in our house…he does it wrong 😜). We don’t think too much about these routines. Brandon has so many routines. Steve does the bath time, book reading routine at night with our son. I understand our son not wanting mom to help him bathe.

I asked Steve to share his night time routine with Brandon. Here it is, in Steve’s words.

The Bedtime Routine

Brandon’s bedtime routine has been the same for many years.  Changing the routine is very upsetting to him. It has become almost automatic for both of us to do the exact same thing every evening.  He’s very predictable!

At around 8:30PM, I’ll tell him it’s time for his shower.  He will run down the hallway and repeat which book he wants to read over and over again.  I’ll tell him to get undressed and use the bathroom, which then prompts him to jump up and down in the hallway and continue to talk about the book he wants to read. 

He’ll use the bathroom, then I’ll turn the water on.  He jumps in and turns the temperature up on the water and says “too hot”, and waits for me to turn it back down.

On to the shower. He’ll wait for me to grab the shampoo, and says “Close my eyes!”, even before I get the shampoo on his head. He will keep his eyes closed when the shampooing is over. Then I wash out all of the shampoo, and he reaches his hands out waiting for the towel to dry off his eyes. He just knows it will be there, I always have it ready.

Brandon has 15 of the Little Critters books. He loves them.

After I’m finished helping him, he’ll again ask about the book that he wants to read.  The book is always one of the above pictured three and we rotate every third night. After, we continue on with the normal routine of drying off, putting on his pajamas, getting his medicine, and reading his book. He will listen to some music on his iPod and finally sits quietly, getting settled down and ready for bed. 

I need to mention that immediately after the shower he’ll often run out of the bathroom in his birthday suit into the living room. He wants to get his pajamas on in this room, not his bedroom. He doesn’t understand the concept of embarrassment, and it has led to a few laughs when we have guests over. Those who know us well, know they may very well see all of Brandon at bedtime, and we always give fair warning.

Brandon’s routine has been the same for so long!  The entire routine takes about 60-90 minutes every night.  It’s our normal.

This is just one of the many routines Brandon has to get through his days. I will share more of those routines as time goes on.