The First Full Week

Last week was Brandon’s first full week at his new day program. The van picks him up around 8am and drops him home around 5pm. Brandon goes willingly each morning, literally running to the van when he sees it. I do tell him to slow down since our front yard is full of stupid sweet gum balls. One of these days, it is going to stop raining and I will start raking all of them up.

What I have noticed since Brandon started his new program is that he seems calmer. There have been fewer tantrums and not one meltdown. Honestly, he seems more tired when he comes home. I think they keep him pretty busy during the day.

This morning, I got a bit worried when Brandon looked at me and said “no day program”. My heart dropped a bit and, for just a minute, I panicked. What is going on? Why doesn’t he want to go? Does he not like it? Is someone being mean to him?

I asked him if he likes day program. Brandon said “yes”. I then asked why he doesn’t want to go to day program today. His response was “Cabelas”. I am certain I rolled my eyes and then told him he has to go to day program for the next five days and then he can go to Cabelas. Brandon said “okay” and that was that. I was worried about nothing.

Brandon starting day program has also allowed me more time to tackle other things. I have done a lot of laundry. I have cleaned my house, sort of. I have played my piano some and am reading some books.

Our youngest, Josh, is interested in learning how to cook some things in the air fryer. I have helped him with that. Josh and I have talked much more since Brandon isn’t here when Josh gets home. He is headed to college in the fall and I am treasuring this time with him.

And sometimes, I just sit, have a cup of coffee, and listen to the quiet.

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