Lots of Noise

Brandon does not like loud noises. Babies crying will bring his hands to his ears faster than anything. Sometimes I think he has bionic ears. He can hear a baby crying from 50 yards out. Toddlers crying doesn’t seem to bother him. Me crying has no effect on him. But a baby…he hates it.

He hates when Steve and I blast music through the house. I can understand with Steve’s music of choice (heavy metal), but mine (good 80s music)? He will tell us “no thank you music”. It’s the same in the car. However, me listening to talk radio doesn’t bother him at all. Today, I picked Brandon up early from day program. His iPod was dead and he listened to me sing “I Will Survive” in the car with no complaints. He actually said to “turn up music”.

Brandon does not like when our dogs bark and will cover his ears. They can be loud, but he also does things to make them bark. He will get treats for them, wave the treats in front of the dogs, and wait for them to bark. He tells them “no thank you barking” and will then give the treats.

When we have friends over, we can all get a bit loud, especially if we are playing a board game. Brandon will cover his ears and hide out in his room.

With all this said, Brandon is one of the loudest people I know. His jumping, regardless of happy or angry jumping, is quite loud. He makes noises almost all the time. Sometimes they are very loud noises. He listens to his iPod with the music on full blast. He always has his headphones on, but when we can hear it from across the room, we ask him to turn it down. He does comply with this for about 30 seconds and then turns it back up. Deck The Halls is his favorite song right now.

If he is hanging out in his room, we can hear all the noises, trampoline jumping, jumping on his bed, etc. Closing his door does not seem to make it any softer. Brandon claps his hands a lot during the day. This is a sensory issue for him in trying to get pressure on his hands. But it is loud. And we always know when he is playing Mario Kart.

For someone who is quite loud with his own stuff, Brandon has zero understanding of how loud he can be at times. We have worked on this for years with very little success. We have come to appreciate his noises and all the other stuff. That is just who he is.

4 thoughts on “Lots of Noise

  1. Robyn says:

    That is really neat about the dogs! Is he trying to teach them not to bark? Declan is similar. Hates loud sounds, but my goodness he is loud! He makes his happy sounds when he is on his trampoline and every ten jumps a shriek pops out. Same with his video games. I have to say, I like his happy sounds more than his video game sounds 🙂

    • stlautismmom says:

      I don’t really know what the deal with the dogs is. When they bark he covers his ears and will sometimes tell them to stop barking. The happy sounds are wonderful!

  2. Debbie says:

    So funny that he told you to turn up the music when you were singing. He must like your voice. The dog story is interesting. Just wonder what’s going on in your son’s mind.

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