Last Night’s Snack

Brandon loves cheese. Grated yellow cheese. He also likes cheese roll ups. You know what I mean…cheese in a tortilla, microwaved to melt the cheese, roll it up, and then eat. I will not make cheese roll ups for Brandon as he seems to choke more when he eats them. I hate it when he chokes and I have to do abdominal thrusts. It is scary and I try to avoid it if I possibly can.

He will, however, eat cheese quesadillas. I offered that choice to Brandon last night and he agreed. I have made hundreds of cheese quesadillas over the years for this child. I like to think I am pretty good at it.

Brandon helped me get the ingredients out and I proceeded to cook. This is what it looked like when I got done.

I have never burned one of these. I told Brandon I would make another one and that he would not liked the burned mess I made. I set the burned one aside and prepared a new one that was perfect.

He kept pointing to the burned one saying “hot”. I kept saying “burned” and handed him the one that wasn’t burned.

He insisted he wanted the “hot” one, so I gave it to him.

As you can see, he ate the burned one. Brandon ate one piece from the perfect one. Steve and I helped ourselves to the “good one”.

He ate the whole thing. Burned parts and all. Anyone else like their quesadillas burned to a crisp?

5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Snack

  1. Sam says:

    Oh wow! He’s a char-broiled man! I heard there are people who prefer hot dogs that way too…like with a shell of char on it! 😲

    • stlautismmom says:

      Brandon hates his hot dogs cooked over an open flame. He will only eat them if the are cooked in the microwave or in a pot of water. And they have to have cheese on them!

      • Sam says:

        I agree with him on the cheeese 😂! I feel like flamed hot dogs will inevitably always taste like the bottom of the grill.

  2. Robyn says:

    My husband does! My husband was diagnosed with ADHD in 1989 when he was in high school, but we feel with the same diagnostic tools of today – with all of his sensory issues, developmental history and such, he would be given a ASD diagnosis as well. Anyway – everything for him has to be burnt. Smells so bad, I can’t imagine it tastes good, but he loves his toast and bagels burnt. Definitely a unique taste!

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