Staying Home

We are social distancing ourselves. Or, as we normally call it, staying home. We don’t get out too much as it is, so this is a bit easier for us.

Steve did venture out to Wal-Mart today to buy some food. He said meats were picked over, canned goods are starting to spread a bit thin, and there was no toilet paper available at all.

I am doing laundry. This happens daily as there are five people in our house. We are cleaning a bit. And we are watching movies. Brandon has asked to watch The Simpsons. We agreed to the Simpson’s movie, which Brandon is quietly watching.

We have enough toilet paper, although several stores around St. Louis County are out. We have enough food to get us through.

Brandon’s necessities are a bit different, but we have him covered. The Skittles should last us through the week. Especially if I can keep everyone else out of them.

Stay well everyone! And wash your hands!