What is Happening?

Something new seems to be happening in our house. I am not quite sure what to make of it. For years, Brandon has obsessed about Cabelas. Going to Cabelas, who is taking him to Cabelas, what day he is going to Cabelas.

Yesterday, he did not mention Cabelas one time. Not once. He hasn’t mentioned it today, either. What in the world is going on?

His new favorite phrase is “Lorie coming mall cookies”. I certainly hope Lorie is able to hang out with Brandon tomorrow, but of course, we will understand if she does not. And Brandon will be okay if he has to wait a couple of weeks.

But what the heck? Seriously, Cabelas has been an obsession for years. We have talked about this place every single day for the better part of three years. There have been days when that is literally all he has talked about. It seems odd now that we aren’t talking about it at all.

My friend, Rick, came over today. He and I hang out every week or two to catch up on Survivor. Any other Survivor fans out there? Anyone absolutely agree with this past week’s elimination? I won’t give it away for those who haven’t watched yet, but…Woo Hoo!!

Rick had been here for an hour when I asked him if he noticed something different with Brandon. He didn’t respond immediately. I whispered Cabelas to him as I didn’t want Brandon to hear me and run the risk of starting it up again. Rick’s response was something like “oh wow, you are right…he hasn’t said it once since I got here.”

What in the world is going on? Is the obsession done? Are we moving on to something else? If so, what will that be? Why the sudden change?

A month ago, I decided that Brandon could go to Cabelas once per week. Is that the change? He was suppose to go yesterday with Steve. Brandon had talked about it all week. 7 days to Cabelas, 6 days to Cabelas, 5 days to Cabelas, and so on. And then yesterday, he did not mention it at all.

Lorie was going to take Brandon bowling two days ago. When the arrived at the bowling alley, they were cleaning and had leagues coming in, so Brandon couldn’t bowl. Lorie made the executive decision to take him to Cabelas. She didn’t tell him where they were going, but said he was super excited when they pulled in the parking lot.

Since then, not one mention of his very favorite place. I don’t know what she did, but thank you Lorie!!!!

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