Breakfast for Supper (with a bit of butter)

Breakfast for supper is one of all of my boys’ favorite dinner. Bacon, biscuits, fried ham, scrambled eggs, and cheese. During this time of social distancing, I find I am enjoying everyone being here for meals.

Josh’s last day of school until at least April 5 is tomorrow. Alex was home for dinner. And, of course Brandon is here. And they all love breakfast food.

For now, Brandon’s day program is open. I talked with the director today and she said she has been keeping in close contact with the necessary officials. I know they are ensuring hands are washed and surfaces are wiped.

I stopped in one day last week, without notice, and saw it happening. I was pleased. As long as Brandon feels well, he will go to day program. His routine is so important to him and want him to have that as long as possible.

But back to dinner. Brandon loves butter. When he was little, we would catch him eating sticks of butter. We still do occasionally. Tonight, we thought we would see how he did with getting his own butter for his biscuit. Here’s how that looked:

He does love his butter and wanted no part of learning how to spread it around on his biscuit. And, of course, the eggs have cheese.

Stay well, friends and wash your hands!

One thought on “Breakfast for Supper (with a bit of butter)

  1. Robyn says:

    I am enjoying the same. For the first time in forever we are all sitting down and eating our meals together. It’s nice! And we love a good breakfast for dinner day too – Yum!

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