He Hears Us

I think I may have possibly figured out why Brandon was sad yesterday. Maybe. This morning before he left for day program, he kept saying “stay home”. This is not unusual as we have the same conversation every morning. He wants me to run through the daily schedule.

Brandon: Stay home.

Me: You are going to day program and when you get back, you will stay home.

Brandon: Thank you welcome.

He always says “thank you welcome” when saying thank you. Personally, I think that comes from teaching him to say thank you and then we would immediately respond with you’re welcome. So “thank you welcome” it is. At least he is saying it. I wish his brothers would say it as often as Brandon does.

This morning was different. When the van arrived, Brandon stopped at the door and said he wanted to stay home. I told him everything would be fine and he then ran and got on the van.

Sometime during the day, it hit me. We have all been talking about coronavirus and Covid-19. While Brandon is limited verbally, his receptive skills are much better. He understands more than we realize.

We have talked about not being able to visit my parents who are in a long term care facility. We have talked about Josh not going to school. We have talked about restaurants in our county that will stop dine in service tomorrow night. We have talked more about personal space and coughing/sneezing into our elbow. We have talked about washing our hands more. We have talked about coronavirus and what is happening in our world.

And then I felt terrible. We have had conversations with our other sons about coronavirus, but not with Brandon. Ugh.

When Brandon got home from program, he came in and immediately asked about Lorie. I explained that Lorie will be staying at her house for a bit. I told Brandon that lots of people are getting sick from a virus. I explained to him that everyone needs to stay home as much as possible so we can all stay well.

I told Brandon that day program is a safe place. The people in charge have said he can keep going there for now because they haven’t made them close. He asked about Cabelas (first time in days) and I said we would have to wait and see.

I also told him that he and I can go somewhere tomorrow when he gets home from day program. If it’s nice out, we can walk in the park behind our house. If it is rainy, we can take a drive somewhere. He said “okay” and has not talked about staying home since.

I have a date with my Brandon tomorrow around 5. Maybe we’ll hit the McDonalds drive through!

Stay well everyone and wash those hands.

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