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Today has been a good day. Brandon went to day program with no questions or nervousness at all. I talked with him again about day program being a safe place. We talked about what he wants to do when he gets home.

He laid his head on my shoulder for just a brief moment. I love when he does this. Brandon has said “I love you” to me one time without me saying it first. When he lays his head on my shoulder like this, I know he loves me. He doesn’t have to say it.

When Brandon got home, I asked him where he wanted to go. He said “market”. This is the local store we frequent a lot. It is locally owned and the owners and employees love Brandon. He got his typical yellow cheese sticks, yellow chips, and orange soda. And Kelly was working. I think she may be Brandon’s favorite person at the market.

Brandon and Kelly

When we got home, I remembered my sister in law had texted the name Coyote Peterson to check out on you tube. He is an animal guy and she thought Brandon might like the videos. Holy cow was she right! Brandon and I watched two of the videos, each about 15 minutes long.

The first one was was about a fox. Coyote was trying to get a fox to go down a slide. When the fox finally did, Brandon threw his arms in the air and gave a “woo hoo!” Brandon was also happy to see the fox eating cheese, as he mentioned it more than once.

The second video focused on some seriously cute animals. Brandon was impressed with the leopard tortoise. When the reindeer was on, Brandon said “Santa’s reindeer” 5 times before I finally asked him to stop so we could focus on the video.

The koala was Brandon’s favorite. Mine, too. He smiled, laughed, and reached over and sniffed my hair when the koala was on the screen. This is Brandon’s version of a kiss.

Very focused on the fox.

When we were done, Brandon and I had the following exchange:

Brandon: Mommy fun.

Me: You had fun watching videos with mom?

Brandon: Yes. Nice time. Fun time.

Me: Can we watch Coyote Peterson videos again sometime?

Brandon: Yes. Fun.

I wrote Coyote Peterson on paper for him so he can watch anytime he wants. I hope he wants to watch with me again. I bet he will. Thank you Tracy (my sister in law who gave me the info)!

My heart is so very full!

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  1. Kelly Lambert says:

    I love this!! Brandon is my favorite human ever! His light and soul and spirit will make you go from a bad day to the best ever. He will forever hold a special place with in my heart. I get just as excited to see him and you too momma 💖💗

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