Where is Lorie?

Brandon misses Lorie. It’s been one week since he has seen her and he misses her. He doesn’t say “I miss Lorie”, he says “Lorie coming Cabelas”. Over and over and over. For 45 minutes today, that is all he said.

When Steve got home from work, I escaped to my bedroom for some quiet. I texted Lorie to see how she is doing and to let her know Brandon misses her. The agency Lorie works with has limited community outings (rightly so). That means no bowling with Lorie, no Cabelas with Lorie, no Taco Bell with Lorie.

Brandon’s concept of time is fairly limited. We generally speak in how many more wake ups until something happens. We will tell Brandon Lorie is coming in three wake ups (or however many wake ups it is). Not being able to give him any kind of time frame is a bit frustrating for everyone, Lorie included.

He doesn’t fully understand why I can’t give him the number of wake ups. I have started telling Brandon that we just have to wait and see. I have reminded him of the virus and that Lorie has to stay at her house and he has to stay at our house.

Lorie and I did talk about her maybe coming over one day next week. She could just hang out here at home with Brandon. Maybe go for a walk. I could go out and get the Taco Bell and they could eat at my kitchen table.

Of course, this all depends on what happens in the next few days with what is happening in the country right now. I think we are going to hear Lorie’s name quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. I know Lorie reads my blog, so…Lorie, we love you and we miss you! Stay well and we will see you soon! And wash your hands!

Until then, I will show Brandon pictures of he and Lorie. He likes that.

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