We Have To Stay Home

It is now official. St. Louis city and St. Louis county have issued a stay at home order starting on Monday. Steve will have to go to work. They consider him an essential employee and he is not able to work from home at this time. Steve and I have had many conversations about Brandon and day program. Brandon will be staying home.

Honestly, I am a bit nervous about the next few weeks. For now, the order is effective until April 22. It may be modified depending on what happens in our county, state and country. I am remembering the summer of 2019 when Brandon was home with me and had nowhere to go.

There were a lot of behavioral challenges last summer. Brandon was angry, anxious, upset, not sleeping well, and just generally unhappy. He was aggressive and destructive. I was hit more than I care to remember. It was a hard time.

I have to remind myself that Brandon is not the same person he was eight months ago. He hasn’t hit me in quite some time. He is still somewhat destructive, but now it is not intentional. He has responded well to the medication changes and sleeps well.

Steve and Brandon went to Home Depot today to buy some wood for Brandon’s new bed frame. Steve is working on building it this weekend. We practiced social distancing before they left. Brandon thought we meant six feet from everyone, including dad.

I decided today I have to figure out some activities for us to do. I need to make lists and stick to them. We are going to read some books and watch some more Coyote Peterson videos. We watched one this morning about crocodiles that Brandon loved. We will do puzzles. And, we are going to do some yard work. I am hopeful I can get Brandon’s brothers to help out some, too. I know they will.

We will be allowed to take walks and we took our first one today. There is an elementary school and a local park behind our house. We finally saw the sun today, so walk we did. Just me and Brandon. And we had a great time. We saw neighbors working in their yards. We saw folks walking their dogs. We practiced social distancing, but Brandon waved to everyone he saw. And they waved back.

Stay well everyone! Wash those hands!

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  1. Robyn says:

    Having a routine has helped us so much. Breakfast, schoolwork, YouTube, lunch, walk, YouTube, games, dinner. After that – the evenings are tough – that is where we are seeing most of the cracks and meltdowns. We’ll figure something out! Such a crazy time 🙂 Good luck!

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