I Want to Know

In the past, when I know I am going to be home with Brandon for an extended time, I would get anxious. This time, I am coming into this stay at home situation with a different perspective. I want to know Brandon. I want to try and understand him as a grown man. My relationships with Alex and Josh have changed as they have grown. I figure it’s time for mine and Brandon’s to develop, also.

I have learned some things about Brandon during the past two days. He likes sauerkraut. Actually, he loves it. Steve made polish sausage and sauerkraut for dinner. Brandon had two big helpings. I mentioned it and Steve said he has always liked it. Why didn’t I know that? I need to pay more attention.

Feet – Size 13

There are days when Brandon just wants to be lazy. I think that is pretty normal. So today was a lazy day and it went well. He played some Mario Kart. He let me know we will work on the puzzle tomorrow. And he took a three hour nap. I got some stuff done around the house while he slept. Tomorrow, there will be a schedule. Maybe we will start scheduling lazy days.

Brandon likes music. He loves music, but has his favorites. Deck the Halls has been his favorite for the past few months. Today, he started listening to Cruise by Florida Georgia Line. When this song first came out, we would listen to it in the car. One day, Brandon started saying “window window window” and handing us his iPod. Steve and I were quite proud of ourselves for finally figuring it out, although it took a couple weeks.

I want to keep figuring things out. It will take time and effort and energy, but I want to know Brandon.

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