Fun Fun Fun

A friend sent me a Facebook message about the Heart Hunters groups popping up all over the place. The intent is to put hearts in your front windows to show support for those essential workers who must leave their homes every day. It is also for little ones to do a scavenger hunt of sorts to find houses with hearts while out on a walk or taking a drive.

I think this is a wonderful idea, so Brandon and I made some hearts. Actually, Brandon calls them valentines so that’s what they are in our house.

Brandon’s fine motor skills have always been a challenge for him. I drew a valentine on my paper, Brandon looked at mine and then drew his. I think it is beautiful!

We finally found some tape and taped all our valentines to the front window. Then, time to head outside for some pictures. And we see the sun!

Brandon was happy to be outside and there was a lot of happy jumping.

He is so happy!

Our valentines are in the window, the sun is out, and all is well. I see a walk in our very near future.

Stay well everyone and wash those hands!

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