Some Simple Accomodations

Steve and I were talking last night about the accommodations we have made for our sweet, wonderful, sometimes destructive Brandon. Some of these we made years ago and some have been more recent.

One of the things we did years ago was to remove the curtain rod from his bedroom. Looking back now, I’m not sure what took us so long. When Brandon wants the curtain open, he simply pulls on it. This caused many holes in the wall and it became harder and harder to reinstall the curtain rod. I finally came up with Velcro. Best invention ever! Now when he pulls the curtain down, there are no holes left. And Brandon pulls the curtain down multiple times daily.

Brandon jumps. A lot. Happy jumping, anxious jumping, angry jumping, really angry jumping. We had new flooring installed in our family room several years ago. We chose bamboo for a few reasons. One, it was less expensive. Two, I like the way it looks. And three, it is more flexible and bendable. It worked well for years. However, over the past six months, we have seen one of the boards come loose from all the jumping. Thank heavens we saved a bunch of the bamboo and my nephew will be fixing this one for us soon.

When we hang pictures, we can’t use just a nail and hammer. Every picture needs an anchor. Again, all the jumping has caused many broken frames and glass everywhere. Even with anchors, our pictures are usually crooked. We like to think it adds character. And we love the Cardinals in our house!

Brandon does not have a closet in his room. We learned many years ago that he does not understand hangers or why we need them. When we would hang things in his closet, Brandon would rip the clothes off the hanger and throw them on the floor. So, we decided to make his closet his desk space. He likes this much better and if there are clothes that need to hung, they are in my closet.

I hope this finds everyone well. Keep washing those hands and practicing social distancing!

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