Still at Home

Brandon and I have now been home together for a little over a week. I was worried when my husband and I decided he should stay home from day program. I remember last summer, when school was out.

It was, in a word, awful. We saw an increase in behaviors. There was a lot of aggression, with me being the general target. There were appointments with his psychiatrist, there were some medication changes, and there was a lot of frustration. My mind kept going back to last summer.

These past several days have been different. Brandon is still obsessing about going to Cabelas, but it is not as much as last week. We are face timing with Lorie so he can still “see” her, although he does seem a bit confused about why she can’t come visit right now.

Brandon seems to understand that this is different. That this is not “normal”. It’s difficult to know what he understands as his verbal skills are quite limited. One day last week, he was talking about Lorie coming over. I asked him why Lorie can’t take him to Cabelas and his answer was “Lorie sick”. I corrected that quickly and had to explain that Lorie is staying home so she doesn’t get sick. I’m not certain he understands that.

Lorie’s supervisor called me this morning to see how things are going. She is going to send me some resources and social stories to help Brandon get through this. I will share them when I get them. How wonderful for her to call! It was nice to talk with someone!

The following link is for one social story about the Coronavirus. We had to alter it a bit to say “day program” instead of “school”, but Brandon liked it.

Currently, we are watching The Simpsons. This seems to be Brandon’s new favorite TV show. Thankfully, there are many, many, many seasons and there are some we have never seen. And we all like The Simpsons, right?

Steve worked from home yesterday (he’s in IT and fortunately, can work from home occasionally). I had my first virtual doctor appointment to get antibiotics for my annual sinus infection. Spring time is not friendly to my sinuses.

Thankfully, there was no rain yesterday so Brandon got to be outside for a bit. Our back yard (and front) are full of sweet gum balls. I hate those things, but do like the shade the trees provide in the summer. But, they do collect on the ground. Steve asked Brandon to help him get rid of some of the sweet gum balls. Brandon complied by picking up one at a time. Ha!

Letting me know he still wants to go to Cabelas.

At least he was outside and getting some fresh air in this time of staying home and social distancing. Stay well friends! And keep washing those hands!

3 thoughts on “Still at Home

  1. Katie says:

    Washing my hands, social distancing, miss seeing my kids right now. I never imagined finding myself living in a town I love that is definitely home for me, and realizing none of my kids are closer than 25 miles in other towns.
    Thank you Regina for sharing the video of Brandin and Steve today and the writings on other days. I thought the one about picking up gum balls in the yard1 by 1 was pretty funny. Maybe not as helpful as Steve would have liked but it made me laugh in the midst of all this stay at home time. Love to all stay safe and healthy…. and don’t forget to wash hands😍

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