Virtual Fun

Brandon is trying very hard to assimilate to his new normal and I do believe he is doing pretty well. At least today he is. One day at a time. That has become my new mantra. The virtual world is our current reality.

Steve took the picture from a weird angle, but that is Brandon and I talking with Lorie.

Brandon was able to face time with Lorie and they agreed to go to Cabelas in 17 wake ups. We, of course, have no idea if that is realistic, but Brandon needs a number. So 17 it is. We will update that number as needed. We miss Lorie and face time has been a blessing for Brandon. And I get to talk to her. I miss Lorie, too!

Please excuse the cluttered kitchen in the background.

Steve and Brandon then took a virtual tour through all of Cabelas animals. They talked about what color their noses are. They talked about what color their fur is. They actually discussed that we eat the turkey at Thanksgiving.

Brandon says “Put claws away, play nice with friends”.

I know the St. Louis Zoo is having a virtual animal thing tomorrow, but I haven’t quite figured out all the apps needed for some of this. I don’t use Zoom and I just finally figured out FaceTime. I’m counting on Steve and my other sons for some support with some of this. Brandon and I will learn together! Wish us luck.

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    • stlautismmom says:

      I wish I was more technologically inclined. Thank heavens I live with people who are! The virtual world is definitely our friend right now. I hope all is well in your area!

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