Learning from Brandon

It is now officially Autism Awareness Month. Just another month in our house. Today has been long. It started at 5:30am when our of our sweet dogs woke up Steve and I. We were not able to go back to sleep. Actually, it was kind of nice. We were the only ones up and were able to talk without interruption.

What did we talk about? The phone meeting I got to have at 1:00pm with Brandon’s case manager. The case manager was suppose to come to our home, spend some time with Brandon, and talk with me about what we see in Brandon’s future. I generally will have light snacks and beverages and was looking forward to sitting down with his case manager.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. What did happen was a two hour phone call to ensure Brandon’s plan gets updated in a timely fashion per the state guidelines. We managed to get it done, but I was exhausted when we hung up.

Brandon was not exhausted, however. He wanted to talk about how many more wake ups until Cabelas. He needed his medicine. And he was a bit hungry. He played Mario Kart, listened to music and watched The Simpsons. We are continuing work on the puzzle tomorrow.

Brandon really is handling this stay at home thing like a champ. He isn’t overly anxious. He is finding things that are making him happy during this stressful time. Maybe I need to follow his lead. We can all learn from our children and I think Brandon is teaching me something.

One thought on “Learning from Brandon

  1. Robyn says:

    I agree – I keep looking for someone to tell me when all this is going to change. But Declan is handling his new schedule with a smile. I should just keep looking to him!

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