Day 14

Brandon and I are spending a lot of time together. He is home from day program until it is safe to return and we have no idea when that will be. So we are making the best of a challenging situation.

Yesterday, I decided to make a spice cake. Not from scratch, but from the box mix in my pantry. I also had vanilla icing so I figure it’s a win win. Got it all done and offered a piece to Brandon. He said yes, took one bite, and said no. No worries, I was pleased he tried it.

Steve went in the kitchen a couple hours later and here is what my beautiful cake looked like. Apparently, he liked the icing only.

Yesterday was suppose to be the home opener for our St. Louis Cardinals. We love the Cardinals in our house, especially Steve. Maybe Brandon heard us talking about how much we are going to miss baseball, because this is what he chose to wear to bed. Steve was pleased and a fist bump was needed.

Our oldest son works at a grocery store and brought home some much needed toilet paper. It felt like we had hit the jackpot!

Brandon continues to talk about Lorie and Cabelas, so we face timed with her this morning. I am so thankful for face time right now. Doing this with Lorie helps provide a bit of normalcy for Brandon. He can still see her and they talked about animals.

Stay well, friends. And wash those hands.

2 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Robyn says:

    I laughed out loud at the cake – Declan does that to our cakes here too! All these little finger trails on top of cakes and cupcakes 🙂 Too funny!

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