Bath Time

Brandon loves bath time. He isn’t able to bathe himself, so we help him with his shower every night. Actually, Steve helps because Brandon does not want me to help him. I can understand that. What 21 year old wants his mom in the bathroom with him? When Steve has to travel for work, Brandon does allow me to help him, but if Steve is home, it is Steve’s job.

Recently, Brandon has been obsessed about Cabelas, to the point where it was interfering with the evening routine. We know Brandon likes schedules written down so he can see it. So Steve wrote the following schedule and taped it to Brandon’s bedroom door.

This has worked well in keeping Brandon focused on what he is suppose to be doing. He doesn’t talk as much about going to Cabelas or the animals during bath time now. Steve helps with the washing part and then leaves Brandon to sit in the tub for a bit. Brandon loves relaxing in the tub of hot water.

But it seems as if we forgot about one important step.

Brandon has no modesty whatsoever. None. He doesn’t care if curtains are open and lights are on. He seems to have no understanding that if he can see out a window, that means others can see in.

So…the last few nights, when Brandon gets out of the tub, he dries himself off, runs to his room to get his PJs, and then runs to the living room to get dressed. All while completely naked. And curtains may be open. And people may be walking by our house. And Brandon does not care. Ugh ugh ugh.

While I will make sure the curtains are closed, we will also be working with Brandon to get dressed in his room. This will also make his brothers happy. The schedule will look different tonight. Wish us luck!

Stay well everyone and keep washing those hands. And if your hands are looking like mine after all this washing, use lotion!