Week Four

Today begins week 4 of Brandon and I being quarantined at home. I had such high aspirations when this all started. I told myself there would be schedules and activities and order. That lasted about a week.

So what do our days consist of now? Brandon and I have watched the first three seasons of The Simpson’s. As I have said, I am very happy there are 31 seasons available, but I am hopeful we don’t get through all of them before the stay at home order is over.

Brandon has played hours of Mario Kart in his room. But this isn’t without its issues. When he is playing, Brandon will come out of his room occasionally, stand at the kitchen door, and say “winning”. I have to say “are you done?” We do this three times before Brandon says “no” and I then say “then go play.” He then goes back to his room to continue playing.

This happens 5-6 times while he is playing his game. When Brandon comes out and says “mommy start”, I know he is done and what I am suppose to say…”did you have a nice time?” Brandon says “yes” and I say “say it once” and then Mario Kart is finished for awhile.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and my family, along with everyone else, celebrated at home. My husband and I watched a church service online and candy was distributed to all our boys. And then Brandon had a meltdown that lasted hours.

He kept saying “talk about animals Cabelas swordfish” over and over and over. When I tried talking with Brandon about animals, he wasn’t listening at all. He just kept repeating the same sentence. For hours. There was angry jumping that caused glasses of soda to fall off tables more than once. A laptop was ruined. We now have a couple more holes in the wall behind the television.

Brandon followed me all over the house. It’s days like these I wish I had a west wing to escape to, but we happen to live in an 1,100 square foot house. Hiding is hard. We tried ignoring Brandon. That didn’t help either. He started pressing his head into my shoulder as hard as he could. He hit Steve a couple of times, which he hasn’t done in months.

And then the meltdown ended as quickly as it started. I don’t know what happened to make it stop, but I was thankful it did. It is hard to watch him struggle. And it is hard knowing my patience is wearing thin. But we got through it!

I was nervous when we woke up this morning. But all is well. We are watching The Simpsons, Brandon has had his medicine, and he is being absolutely lovely. It WILL be a good day! I am hopeful there will be no meltdowns today.

Stay well, friends, and wash those hands!

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