Learning to Cook

At 8:00am, Brandon let me know he wanted hot dogs and cheese and macaroni and cheese for lunch. I decided today was as good a day as any for him to start learning how to cook. He wasn’t terribly interested in this, but did it anyway.

My child loves cheese. Yellow shredded cheese. Today, he wanted the yellow cheese and the white and yellow shredded cheese on his cheese hot dogs. We don’t let Brandon use the sharp knives as his fine motor skills are not great. So I cut the hot dogs and I let him sprinkle the cheese. He was VERY focused on this part of preparing his lunch.

Brandon filled the pot with water for the Mac and cheese and placed it on the stove. It was a bit heavier than he thought it would be and quickly realized he needed both hands to do this. When Brandon wants Mac and cheese, he wants the kind with the powder cheese. And he will always make me cook two boxes of it, regardless of how many people are eating. That’s okay…leftovers.

Once the noodles were ready, I drained them. I asked Brandon to add the milk and butter. He tried to eat the butter, so I reminded him the butter goes in the noodles, not his mouth.

Brandon them grabbed the spoon and started stirring. He put his plate full of hot dogs in the microwave and listened when I told him what buttons to push.

Finally, he was able to eat. And he ate every last bite. When done, Brandon said “mommy start.” I asked him if he had a nice time. His response was “fun cooking.”

Brandon will most definitely be helping me in the kitchen again.

Stay well friends!

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  1. Janet Hughes says:

    Hurrah for Brandon and you for certain, Regina for being the teacher!! Really like that Vermont shirt🤗

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