Game Night

Steve and I were looking for something to do tonight that included Brandon. Game night it is!

First up was the old card game War. A couple of years ago, Steve ordered some playing cards that have no face cards, just number cards. Brandon does well with these as he does not understand the difference between a jack, queen, or king.

Steve, Brandon, and I played War. Brandon beat me by one card! Steve came in last. 😊

Brandon has a matching game he use to play a lot. We pulled that out and Steve and Brandon played. The nice thing about this particular game is all the cards have animals on them. We were able to kill two birds with one stone – play a game AND talk about animals. Win/win!

Brandon won this game, also, although there may have been cheating on both sides. No…there was absolutely cheating occurring.

It was fun hanging out at home tonight.

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