He Loves His Dad

Today is Saturday and it feels like we will be doing the same things we have been doing for a month.

We are currently watching Season 4, Episode 12 of the Simpsons. I have always enjoyed The Simpsons, but I am getting a bit tired of it.

Brandon loves it, so we watch. I wonder if we will get to season 31?

Steve worked from home yesterday. During a lull in his day, I got out of the house for a bit. We needed groceries, so I went to Wal-Mart. People were social distancing and wearing masks. I wandered around the store and waited in a checkout line for 25 minutes. It was marvelous!

When I got home, Steve was about ready to pull the rest of his hair out of his head. He and Brandon talked about animals several times and Brandon played Mario Kart for a bit. When I walked in the door, Brandon asked for lunch…hot dogs with cheese and ramen noodles. Steve had forgotten about his lunch. And he forgot his medicine. Ugh.

Steve was commenting how the two short hours I was gone were tiring and exhausting for him. My response? “Really? Are you being serious right now? I do this every day.” But I get it. Steve loves Brandon. However, he doesn’t spend all day every day with him.

When Steve is home, Brandon tends to follow him around the house. Brandon wants to talk about animals with dad. He wants to talk with dad about Mario Kart. He wants watch The Simpson with dad. He wants to read books with dad.

Last night, Brandon talked to Lorie via FaceTime. Of course, they talked about the animals at Cabelas. And I could almost smell the catfish she was frying through the phone. When this is all over, and we are able to see Lorie in person, she has promised to make some for me.

After that, Steve and Brandon invented a new dice game. Steve asked him what his favorite number is. Brandon said 4. The game is, whoever rolls the most 4s in 10 rolls wins. Brandon loved it!! I think he loved spending some one on one time with dad the most.

While they were playing their new game, I made peanut butter cookies. And yes, Brandon had a bit of the raw cookie dough. He was so sweet about it and I couldn’t say no.

This morning, Steve and Brandon went to get an oil change in Steve’s truck. They stayed in the car, listened to some music, and Brandon said he had a fun time out with dad.

I think later, we shall all take a walk and work in the yard. I have a feeling if Steve suggests all of this, Brandon will say yes. He loves his dad and enjoys having him home all day on the weekends.

Stay well everyone!

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  1. Robyn says:

    Oh, that is sweet! We have something similar here for the same reasons. Dad isn’t home as much so the time spent is more precious. And I totally get your feelings as my husband complains the same way when he is in charge. The cookies look great! Great job!

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