Shooting Hoops

Brandon and Steve took a walk a bit earlier. I asked Steve to be my guest blogger and tell us about his sports endeavor with Brandon. Here it is….

I got home from work and Brandon suggested we all take a walk.  “Mom, Dad, Walk!” I believe were his exact words.  It’s a nice evening, so why not?  I decided Brandon and I would go by ourselves so mom could have some time by herself.

We just took a family walk over the weekend and walked through the elementary school behind our house, and I assumed he’d want to take the same route. Before we left, I thought it might be fun to grab an old basketball from the garage.

The last time we took a walk I challenged Brandon to jump and try and touch the hoop on the basketball rim. Granted, it’s an elementary school so they’re only about 8 ft. high, but he succeeded and seemed to have fun trying.

Brandon and I headed out for our evening walk, basketball in hand. When we arrived in the back parking lot of the school after about a 3 minute walk, he seemed pretty excited to try his hand at making a basket.

I gave him the ball, and he made a shot from about 5 feet away on his second try. A natural! We played for about 5 minutes, he watched me sink a few free throw shots, and we moved on.

I was impressed that he was so seemingly excited about simply trying to sink a basket.  We’ve rarely tried playing any sports together, although I do remember some family football games in the park behind our house many years ago.  His brothers enjoyed the full contact we allowed with our family rules, and I remember all the boys enjoying themselves.

It was nice to take a walk with my son and play a quick game, even if it was so brief. It brought a smile to my face and I’m pretty sure Brandon enjoyed it. Next time I may have to bring one of his brothers along and teach him how to play horse!

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    • stlautismmom says:

      I was thankful for the time alone. It’s probably just as well I didn’t go…I would have just embarrassed myself. I never was very good at sports stuff. 😊

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